Week two for the Theatre London Study Abroad program as reported by Katie Jarvis: “This week was FULL of incredible theater! Tuesday we went to Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Globe theater, we stood in the yard as “groundlings” and it rained during most of the performance! Wednesday we saw The Caretaker at the Old Vic Theater. British actor Timothy Smalls starred in the show, he is most famous for his role as Peter Pettigrew in Harry Potter. Thursday we got an official backstage tour of the National Theater. To see the inner and outer workings of the theater was informative and fun .

That night we went to see Measure for Measure at The Rose Theater. The interesting thing about the Rose is that it is actually an archeological site… where they have to keep the remnants of the ancient theater underwater in sand so they don’t erode, so the performance was in and around this archeological site. Very different than a traditional theater space, but also very well done. Friday we saw Running Wild at the Regents Open Air Theater. This children’s production used life-size puppets of many animals including an elephant, tiger, crocodile, orangutans, birds and fish. It was full of spectacle and magic, but it was also FREEZING out that night, so it was an adventure. On Saturday some from our group went to the temple, some went to Portobello road and others went to various shows that night. It was an excellent week and we are excited to go on our three day bus trip to Stratford upon Avon…!”

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