The mission of the Department of Theatre and Media Arts is to promote literacy, creativity, and spirituality by exploring their interrelatedness in the arts of theatre and media, in an effort to illuminate and confirm truth and the infinite potential of the human soul.

The Discipline

The BYU Theatre program is designed to educate students in a basic foundation of dramatic literature, theatre history, theory, and performance skills as either an actor, director, designer, dramaturg, educator, historian, or playwright, along with techniques in all areas of theatre design technology and production.

The BYU Media Arts program is designed to educate students in a basic foundation of film history, theory, and criticism, along with the fundamental production competencies in film, new media, or animation.  Areas of emphasis include critical studies (film, media literacy, and new media), media arts fiction production (directing, editing, producing, and screenwriting), and non-fiction production (directing and producing).

The TMA Graduate program is a scholarly two-year degree, and students should be in residence for the duration of the program. The coursework consists of a core of history/theory classes supplemented by electives chosen by the student in conjunction with her/his advisor. The program wraps up with comprehensive exams and the writing of a solid scholarly thesis. There are two possible emphases: Theatre History and Critical Studies, or Media Arts Education. For more information, go to graduatestudies.byu.edu.