Hands on a Camera (HOC) is an on-going service-learning project developed by faculty and students from the Brigham Young University (BYU) Theatre and Media Arts Department.

The media literacy education project seeks to instill the basic principles of media literacy in local primary and secondary students by providing them with critical engagement and hands on experiences with a variety of digital media.

The Hands on a Camera project was founded in 2005 by Amy Petersen Jensen and is now directed by Benjamin Thevenin, an assistant professor at BYU. This project is supported through grants from the BYU Theatre and Media Arts Fulton Endowment. The program has also been supported by the Laycock Center for Creative Collaboration in the Arts and BYU Mentored Learning Grant (MEG) monies.

For more information on Hands on a Camera, please visit HandsonaCamera.org.

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