Fit For the Kingdom

Chuck keeps busy with his children. He is their choice reader of bedtime stories and is known for making the best cardboard swords in town. In his free time, Chuck works as a corporate attorney for a Boston law firm. Ginny works full-time as the mother of her three darling boys. She loves spending her days with them and the homeschooling adventures she plans are as enjoyable for her as they are for the children. When she finds extra time, Ginny knits and maintains the family blog. Indiana is five years old and has a keen interest in Colonial American history. He sings The Star Spangled Banner ad nauseum and recently joined a Minuteman reenactment group. Two year old Paul catches, kills and sometimes eats bugs. His love of ice cream rivals Ginny’s. Fionn is 7 months old already. He is a calm and joyful person who they love discovering more about every day. 

by Kristal Williams-Rowley