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Financial Aid Opportunities & Grants

The Theatre and Media Arts department provides a variety of financial aid opportunities for its students. For instance, Talent Scholarships are available for continuing students (Acting Major/Pre-Major, Media Arts Studies Major/Minor, Music Dance Theatre Major, Theatre Arts Studies Major, Minor, Theatre Education Major).
Groups or individuals within the program may apply for TMA Student Grants. Students in their senior year qualify to apply for the Outstanding Student Award. There are additional funding opportunities available through the college and university.
Scholarships and financial aid available through the University and College can be accessed here:

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For all awards, any awarded amount applies first toward university financial holds, and then will automatically be deposited to a student’s financial account if all obligations have been met. Awards are non-transferable. Recipients must generally be registered for a minimum of twelve credits per semester, or six credits per term. An exception to this is during a student’s final semester, when students can email the Department Scholarship Coordinator for a reduction in the minimum number of credits in which she/he is required to enroll. Other exceptions must be approved by the department’s executive committee. Applicants must be matriculated degree-seeking students either declared as a pre-major, major, or minor in Theatre and Media Arts during the year for which they are applying (Media Arts pre-majors are not eligible for TMA financial aid). You can only earn up to two times the amount of tuition per semester.


Talent Award Saturday, September 30, 2023 Apply
BFA Acting Incoming Student Scholarship Friday, February 10, 2023 More Information Coming Soon
TMA Emergency Scholarships Continuous application Apply
TMA Student Grant: Professional & Academic Development September 30, 2023 Apply
TMA Outstanding Student Award Friday, March 17, 2023 Apply


TMA Student Grant: Creative Projects September 30, 2023 Apply
Laycock Center for Creative Collaboration Grants – CFAC Thursday, February 16, 2023 More Information