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Final Cut Film Festival 2023

Come see the best of BYU Student film at this year's Final Cut Film Festival!

Admission is FREE!
Friday April 14th 1:00 pm - 7:30pm
Saturday April 15th noon - 6:30pm
The Awards show will be Saturday April 15th 8:00pm

All screenings will be in the large auditorium at the south end of the WCCB, room 1040.
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Program A
Program B

PROGRAM A - 1:00pm, Friday April 14th & Noon, Saturday April 15th

Film Log Line Submitted By Run Time
Christmas on Campus When Matt decides not to go home for Christmas for the third year in a row, Eve decides to convince him that he really should go home because he can go home. Tiago Bettencourt 0:04:40
Give Me a Moment Old friends reunite unexpectedly in a restaurant 10 years later. Ellice Tan 0:04:44
Finding the Notes Abi goes through the frustrating and rewarding process of writing an original song. Claira Miller 0:03:00
Too Little, Too Latte A girl and a guy hit it off after meeting in a coffee shop, until something unexpected transpires. Claira Miller 0:03:00
Dread Alone, a young woman must grapple with a growing fear of being hunted. What is real and what is just in her head? Austin Doig 0:05:12
Me and Your Shadow Me and Your Shadow combines shadowy 1920s mystery with modern horror, exemplifying the idea that still waters run deep. Aubrey Johnson 0:04:01
Grove Of Blood A hiker makes a disturbing discovery in the woods. Josh Bauer 0:07:40
Mic Drop Java Junkie holds an open mic night that brings musicians of all kinds to perform for the patrons. Claira Miller 0:04:00
Fight or Flight Piper, a young boxer, struggles to overcome the trauma associated with her past lover. Dallin Webb 0:04:18
war A boy challenges a girl to a game of war Josh Clark 0:01:56
Red Hairing Red Hairing tells the story about a happy-go-lucky and dimwitted detective who "solves" a case first thought to be an accident. Tamara Mogensen 0:06:30
One Question, One Answer A sad, depressed BYU student struggles with stuttering and asking the girl he likes out. When his friend finally pushes him to ask her out, Colin leaps and takes his chance. Tiago Bettencourt 0:04:09
Rodeos & Roping A brief documentary describing the rodeo roping success of Joy Theodore Pearce 1935-2021. Narrated by his wife Beth Shumway Pearce Emmalisa Horlacher 0:03:37
Dancing in the Moonlight Sue goes on a journey to console a fortune teller and finds some friends along the way. Laurel Hargis 0:10:01

15 Minute Break

Wholly Divine A video profile of local artist Maddison Tenney discussing the inspiration behind her capstone mixed media gallery and its intersection of faith, art, and identity. Aubrey Johnson 0:02:30
visuals around me   Josh Clark 0:01:56
The Tabernacle's Christian Symbolism A short documentary on the Traveling tabernacle based on the description and account of the Tabernacle of Moses in Exodus, with insights on christian symbolism that can be found within. Makenna Buhler 0:07:04
The Passion of Eve A visual record of what Eve might have seen or felt to help her understand how essential the Fall was to God’s Plan of Salvation. This is the artist's curated visual to represent her personal understanding of Eve’s side of the story. Anna Lo Russo 0:03:17
The Duque Tennis Program   Joseph Duque 0:03:50
The Bells An Inside look at the BYU Bell Tower, process doc made for TMA 185 Angela Larson 0:03:30
Tape 13 A girl working the night shift in a library archive uncovers a mysterious audio tape. Tristan Schetzel 0:03:09
Tail Light A black man and his sons get pulled over by a white cop. Erin Gibson 0:03:09
Sugo While making a familiar recipe, a young chef remembers the good and bad moments he has had with cooking. Tristan Schetzel 0:02:26
Rough Draft A short film based on the book "Emily's Quest" for the Public Domain Film and Music Festival 2023 at Brigham Young University. Makenna Buhler 0:04:59
Red Canyon Pow Wow Follow Native American dancers through the process of a Pow Wow, as competitors and spectators. Solana Armatage 0:03:12
Qosqo A film about heritage and history, an ancient Incan city, and the life of a person who calls it home. Emma Volz 0:11:35
Pitchfork - Find Music that Demands Your Attention Since the music journalism site Pitchfork doesn’t have the hipster cred that it used to, they must remind people that they’re still on the cutting edge of finding new music that demands your attention. Savannah Chapple 0:00:15
2020 A film created for TMA 105. Allison Kimball 0:03:40
Notorious An interpretation of a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's 1946 thriller "Notorious" starring Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant. Created as the final project for TMA 319, starring Freja Jorgensen and Trevor Komm. Andrew Widman 0:02:52
Muslim Among Mormons Muslim students at LDS owned Brigham Young University explore their experiences as a religious minority on campus. Melissa Tinambacan 0:06:07
Listen This documentary explores the differences between Utah dialects and what factors go into our different ways of speaking. Lindsay Hunt 0:02:59
Learning a Second Language An Asian-American woman teaches the English language to her half white baby. Jeff Belza de Jesus 0:02:58
Lake Day Tommy and his Grandpa spend a day on a beautiful lake. Preston Lewis 0:03:00

PROGRAM B - 5:00pm, Friday April 14th & 4:00pm, Saturday April 15th

Film Log Line Submitted By Run Time
analog memories a look at my past year through 35mm film Josh Clark 0:03:39
beauty A brief reflection by Ekta Khoteja on the pervasiveness of women's beauty standards in today's world. Claira Miller 0:03:00
Pop the Question A marriage proposal goes awry when the ring is put in the wrong drink. Adam Woodall 0:04:05
Cookie Mobsters 3 Minute documentary on Crumbl suing two startups: Dirty Dough and Crave Cookies. Spencer White 0:02:59
when the shadows stretch long As the sun goes down, two friends discuss the last summer. Tucker Lindgren 0:08:06
Azorean Odyssey Media Arts Application Film Tiago Bettencourt 0:02:57
Ground Meat A girl wakes up to find a zombie has made his way into her home. Rebekah Page 0:04:57
Self Care A young woman tries to get through her self care routine, including the horrifying, life-threatening parts. Eric Byrd 0:03:13
STUFFED When there's a sudden uprise in assaults on stuffed animals, Detective Reggie finds himself in the middle of this unbearably hilarious case. Bridger Nebeker 0:05:59
We Will Dance An exploration of the Salem Witch Trials, The Crucible, and how women dancing and being wild has been looked down upon. Mira Plummer 0:05:14
Begin Again Man wakes up in desert. Doesn't know why he is there. Explores and sees visions/mirages throughout the way. Nelson Rader 0:08:19
Exploring Mars A mars rover and a mars scientist get bored with their jobs. Noah Richmond 0:08:15
14 Based on the SFA challenge to make a short consisting of 1. Horror, 2. "Fourteen," and 3. the Christus Statue. All shot and filmed on a Samsung phone. Matthew Arntsen 0:01:11
Happy 12th It's his 12th Birthday Ward Lewis 0:01:29
Your Dream Is Projected On A Wall A Bad Dream Noah Richmond 0:02:23

15 Minute Break

kAtten Application video for the TMA major. Alison Kimball 0:02:49
Insomnia   Soren Fonnesbeck 0:02:13
i don't know what i look like An exploration of how the artist's mixed race heritage has affected the way she sees herself, ultimately deciding she doesn't know what she looks like. Keegan Clark 0:05:23
Heart of a Dragon A man with ordering OCD tries to peacefully read a book amidst all the triggers. Blake Mower 0:03:48
Hands An experimental documentary exploring the versatility of human hands from functional use to communication. Anna Nate 0:02:11
from the mountains to the mirrors   Nathan Judd 0:02:49
Floating A young boy goes to his mother when he has trouble sleeping. Jason Donald Gibbons 0:04:00
Finding Your Rhythm Amelia Nicholson discusses her experience of developing her talents and passion for music. Matthew Arntsen 0:03:00
Filming My Sister's Proposal This is a short experimental documentary the artist made for a class to help express the emotions she was feeling while she got ready to film her sister's proposal. Lille Knudsen 0:01:55
Fgog Sadie's little sister Maisy starts drawing frogs obsessively. Sadie decides to share her art on social media and eventually on merchandise. Mira Plummer 0:02:59
Epilepsy An abstract take on the artist's experience growing up with epilepsy. Noah Richmond 0:02:22
Dewey A boy with attention issues struggles to complete his math homework. Josh Bauer 0:04:09
Description of a Day A short documentary film centered on how the seemingly small details of a day can mirror meaningful life lessons. Featuring original poetry narration and iPhone footage. Sofia Schofield 0:04:31
A Passion for Film Geoffrey Badger, a film curator living in London, describes his passion for film. Joseph Duque 0:02:59
Carhartt WIP - Constructed for Life If you have to sacrifice function for form, your clothes weren't made very well. Carhartt WIP produces pieces that are elevated stylistically with the durability of Carhartt classics. Savannah Chapple 0:01:00
Buried A woman struggles to process the loss of her infant daughter Joseph Wood 0:05:02
Betty The story of a boy, James, realizing that he really messed up a relationship and is trying to get the love of his life back. Brynley Johnson 0:03:32
Benzodiazpine Ballet or (A Brief History of My Room) A project in Micro Sites for a Theater class. Aaron Justvig 0:02:01
And a Happy New Year It's the biggest night of the year, New Year's Eve... but only one person shows up to the party. Bridger Nebeker 0:03:00
Alphaville Shot for Shot Shot for Shot for TMA 319 Bailey Jules Pack 0:02:29
Aerial Acrobat Megan has been in aerial arts for a while. After experiencing a potentially career-ending injury, she is still performing over a year later. (BYU Media Arts Program Application Film) Josh Gerber 0:02:58
A Man Among Giants This short film follows a Senate Appropriator to see how a determined humble citizen can change the direction of fields of science from his cubicle. Sarah Cutler 0:03:00
A Lion on the Wall Mira describes a formative experience with art in her youth. Claira Miller 0:04:00
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