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Faculty Funding

In addition to the funding provided by discretionary funds and travel, faculty have access to multiple sources to apply for additional support. These include:

College of Fine Arts and Communications Faculty Funding

  • Laycock Endowment
  • Professional Development and Research and Creative Activities
  • Visiting Scholar

University Funding

  • CITES Fellowships
  • Charles Redd Center Grant Programs
  • Conference Travel Grants
  • David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies Research Grant
  • General Education Matching Funds
  • Interdisciplinary Research (IDR) Origination Awards
  • International Vice President Research Grants
  • Religious Studies Research Grants
  • Scholarly and Creative Works Grant
  • Women’s Research Initiative Grant

TMA Area Funds

  • These funds are provided each year in January to every area in the TMA department. The funds should mainly be used to support student learning, although only 10% of the funds must go directly to student scholarships. The rest of the funds can be used to support faculty/student events such as bringing guests to campus, attending conferences/festivals/workshops together, professional training that will directly support student learning, adjunct faculty participation at workshops/conferences, etc.
  • To apply for these funds, faculty must share their funding proposal with their entire area for approval. Once approved by the area, the area head will send the approved proposal to the Executive Committee.

TMA Faculty Media Grants (Formerly Film and Digital Media Funds (FDMF))

  • The process is to be determined.

TMA Faculty Professional Development and Research/ Creative Activities

  • If faculty have opportunities for professional development (attend a film festival or see a new play in Los Angeles or attend an unscheduled conference), research/creative activities (spending extended time away at a national archive, doing location scouting for an upcoming project, or doing interviews for publication) AND they have exhausted all of the funding opportunities above, they can apply to the ExCom for additional funding.
  • To apply for these funds, faculty must send their funding proposal to the Executive Committee. In addition to information about the activity, please include a budget with an explanation of how you have already exhausted your other funding sources. For example, when an opportunity. comes up unexpectedly, but you have already allocated all of your discretionary and travel funds for the year, and you missed other deadlines.