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Belonging Committee

Belonging Committee

The TMA Belonging Committee is inviting you to a luncheon to discuss the relationship between Scarcity and Creativity. As we break bread together, we will grapple with questions around how does scarcity (in all its manifestations) inhibit creativity and create unequal access to the arts for creators and participants. On the flip side of that, we will explore how scarcity and creativity can coincide and feed one another in healthy rather than unhealthy reciprocity.
What: Belonging Committee -"Scarcity & Creativity" luncheon and discussion

Date & Time: Thursday 16th Match, 12pm

Location: WCAS, Media Multi-Purpose Lab (110)


Please refer to the following links to help you engage with some of these ideas in your own time.

Newpaper articles:

  • Guardian articles. Shrinking of UK artists from Working Class backgrounds. Two similar articles here and here 
  • NYT article on pay equity in theatre, link here 

Journal articles:

  • Studies in Theatre & Performance, Volume 40, Issue 3 (2020). Whole journal dedicated to questions surrounding exclusion to the arts because of money. Entitled: “Artist Development: Class, Diversity & Exclusion.” Link:  

Relevant TED Talks:

  • Connection between boredom & creative thinking – link here 
  • How to make creative digital content profitable – link here 
  • How constraints can foster creativity – link here 
  • Financial success as a freelancer artist – link here 
  • How craving attention makes you less creative – link here 
  • The New American Dream, Creativity & Community – link here