BA in Media Arts Studies


The Media Arts Studies program produces students with a strong liberal arts foundation  that can be used effectively in a variety of film-related careers or graduate studies. Graduates are generalists with skills and proficiencies that can be used in multiple venues including emerging media environments. Students master knowledge of film culture, history, and theory; develop general and specialized skills sets; and utilize processes that integrate professional practices, generate creative applications to new situations, and support collaboration in multiple settings. Core curriculum of critical studies develops analytical skills and creates a foundation for application and experimentation; a range of electives allows additional emphasis in critical studies, fiction or non-fiction production, or other specialized areas.

The aim of the program is to study and create films from an academic, artistic, and spiritual standpoint.

The Media Arts program is a liberal arts program. While we encourage our students to support their academic endeavors with practical production experience, the emphasis remains on scholarship and critical studies.

A list of required courses is given on the Major Academic Plan (MAP) summary for BA in Media Arts Studies.

Elective classes allow students to gain some foundational understanding in a particular Area of Study. It is highly recommended that students select an Area of Study. These Areas of Study may be viewed in more detail on the Media Arts Studies major flowchart.

  • Critical Studies: focuses on the history, theory, and genres of film
  • Non-Fiction Production: focuses on the production and style of nonfiction film
  • Fiction Production: focuses on varying production elements of nonfiction filmmaking

The Media Arts Program is a Limited Enrollment Program

– Acceptance to the Media Arts program is by application only. Click here for more information about applying to the program
– The program takes approximately 2 1/2 years to complete (excluding general education requirements).



Graduate Program472119_452227258124327_443942345619485_1927918_129021606_o-768x1024

The Theatre and Media Arts Department offers an MA in Media and Performance Studies. This Masters Program is primarily designed for students who plan to pursue a doctoral degree in film, media, or performance studies; deepen knowledge as an educator or artist; and/or work in other media related non-profit institutions or organizations.  Classes are offered during the day, and students are expected to complete the program in 2 years.  Writing samples for the application should be advanced undergraduate research or analytical essays.

While we encourage our Master’s students to support their academic endeavors with practical theatre or media arts research, the program is centered on scholarship, not on production.

We do not offer a Masters Program in Media Arts Production.

For more information on how to apply, please visit the Graduate Studies webpage.