The Theatre and Media Arts department provides a variety of financial aid opportunities for its students. Merit scholarships are available for both incoming and continuing students. Groups or individuals within the program may apply for the Fulton grant (go to the Fulton application). Students in their senior year qualify to apply for the Outstanding Student award. There are additional funding opportunities available through the college and university.

For the full list of college funding, university funding, and off-campus funding for the College of Fine Arts and Communications, please visit their Student Scholarships and Grants page.

Merit Scholarships


Merit Scholarships are given to students seeking financial aid toward tuition and school debt. They are intended for both incoming and continuing students. They range between $100 and $765 per semester, and are awarded in February for the following spring/summer terms and fall and winter semesters. Awards are nontransferable.

Recipients must generally be full-time, degree-seeking students majoring in Theatre and Media Arts during the year for which he or she applies. Any student who receives a Merit Scholarship, and is then put on academic probation, will forfeit the award. This also applies to students who change to a major outside the Theatre and Media Arts department during the award period. For questions, email Lindsi Neilson at

Creative samples have proven advantageous to applying students. You can attach these to your application or send them by email to

For incoming students pursuing the BFA Acting program: To audition for an incoming student scholarship, please prepare a Youtube video and email it to by the deadline. You should prepare two contrasting monologues (typically comedy and drama) that total 3 minutes, and also prepare for a 10-minute interview. The audition should total about 15 minutes long. The deadline for this is January 23rd.

Notice: This is not an audition that will get you into the BFA Acting progam; it is an opportunity for you to increase your eligibility for admission into the university and to receive aid for tuition. For information about proficiencies, go to “BFA Acting” under “Theatre Programs.”


The application deadline is Friday, February 3, 2017 for Spring 2017, Summer 2017, Fall 2017, and Winter 2018. Please submit your application ahead of time to ensure your eligibility.

Merit Scholarship Application–Incoming Student

Merit Scholarship Application–Continuing Student

Outstanding Student Award

Outstanding Student Award


The Outstanding student award is awarded at the end of every school year to graduating students who are selected by the faculty in their area of study. The student is nominated by faculty and peers to apply for the award. Finalists are then selected by their faculty to make a short presentation about their academic and citizenship contributions to the department. After the presentations, the faculty select an Outstanding student recipient for each program, which is awarded during the student award ceremony held in April.

The following are the criteria used to determine the Outstanding Student in the Theatre and Media Arts Department:

Service to the department
Service to other students
Evidence of sound career preparation and planning
Evidence of ability to make a significant difference in the field
Ability to present himself/herself effectively.


The Outstanding Student Award application is due by midnight Friday, March 3, 2017.

Click here to apply for the Outstanding Student Award.

Project Funding
Scene from Mr. Bellpond
Behind the scenes of the BYU production of "Mr. Bellpond."

Looking for a way to fund a special project in an area such as theatre or film? There are several funding options available for you.

Note: In almost every instance funding is reimbursed upon receipt of proof of expenditure.

Fulton Student & Faculty Support Grants

Application deadlines: October 7, 2016 

The basic criteria to receive a Fulton student or faculty support grant is whether or not the proposed activity makes a significant contribution to the student’s academic interests or moves the student toward his or her future career path. The project must be an essential part of the applicant’s educational purposes, tied to their scholarly or professional goals. For details and applications, see the Fulton Application Process.

ORCA Grants – (University Grant)

Application deadline: October 27, 2016

The Undergraduate Research Scholarship is sponsored by the Office of Research and Creative Activities. Sophomores and above who are prepared and are in good standing and carrying 6 credit hours per semester can apply for the $1,500 scholarship. Applications are available in the ORCA office (A-261 ASB).

Student applicants must be enrolled in a Media Arts class directly related to the project in order to receive approval for any media production project.

Oscarson Discovery Grants – (College Grant)

Application deadline: March 21, 2016

The primary objectives of the Oscarson Grant assist the student to:

  • Gain public commercial exposure,
  • Receive training in the “Business of Art,” and
  • Network within specific professional disciplines.

Preference is given to seniors or students pursuing graduate degrees. Applications are available in the Dean’s office (A-501 HFAC).

Laycock Center for Creative Collaboration

Application deadline: March 18, 2016

The purpose of this endowment is to create opportunities for students in the College of Fine Arts and Communications to develop and excel in collaborative environments under tutelage of master mentors. The endowment will promote and enable creative collaboration among faculty, students, artists, educators, and scholars in any of the various disciplines of the College, and establish a unique culture of student mentoring. Available earnings from the endowment will be used to (1) direct faculty and student energies toward collaborative creative activity, (2) encourage a wide variety of creative projects and establish a pervasive creative focus, (3) enable creative projects to move from concept to realization, (4) promote collaboration as a valid form of academic and creative work, (5) give as many students as reasonably possible an opportunity for a significant mentoring experience, and (6) facilitate ties and interchanges with the public.

Shortly after the project is completed, the primary applicant/organizer will be responsible for submitting the final report following the outline below.  Submit to A-501 HFAC:

  1. Project Description–be specific and detailed: who and how many were involved, where it occurred, calendar of events, major landmarks in the project, etc.
  2. Project Result–be specific and detailed: outcomes of the project, how it benefits/influences students, your discipline, type and number of mentoring experiences and the number of students involved, possible national or international impact, etc.
  3. Detailed Report of Financial Activity: specific costs incurred, all funds used to cover expenses, etc.
  4. Triplicate Copies of Documentation: original programs, DVDs, CDs, publicity materials, feedback received, and digital photo files on one CD
  5. Original Letters to the Laycock Donors: As with any donor-funded grant, it is expected that recipients of Laycock funds acknowledge their appreciation with a written letter.  This includes the primary applicant, as well as all other major recipients/participants.  If students have been directly impacted by a project, they should also submit letters indicating appreciation and telling about their experience.  These letters should be addressed to the Laycock Donors, and attached to the Funding Report.

Please contact the Dean’s Office with any questions (422-8611).

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